Welcome to the Family

Spacebility is a new way of living built upon community, flexibility and a fundamental belief that we
are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. From communal kitchens, living rooms
and terraces, Spacebility challenges traditional apartment living through physical spaces that foster
meaningful relationships. Life is better when we are part of something greater than ourselves.
Whether short term or long term, Spacebility has flexible options designed to meet your needs.

Chat with your Personal Assistant

Have a direct communication channel with your assigned online Spacebility personal assistant who will be there for you 24/7!

Any questions regarding which accommodation suits best your needs, the coliving experience, directions to the apartments, nearby restaurants and clubs, points of interest, the closest beaches and all the local activities you want to experience, they will be there to help you!

Just click on the blue button on the right bottom of the page to get connected with one of our assistants!


The key to our shared, coliving community

Our Spacers are the butter to ur toast, the cream to our coffee, and the reason that all of this exists. Digital nomads, we Spacers have embraced a new, forward-thinking way of life, one where community is key and living life to the fullest is the theme of the day. We’re creatives, passionate, perceptive and unwilling to settle for the status-quo.