Sharing Spaces, Sharing Life

There’s an old adage that goes “Sharing is Caring”. At  Spacebility, we share everything, including a living space, ideas, dreams and everyday life.

The reason is simple; we care, so we share. We care about your ideas. We care about your success. We care about your future.

For these reasons, and many more, we share our living spaces and our lives, to get the best out of everyone, open your world to new opportunities and experiences, and help everyone succeed.

Our Vision

At Spacebility we have a single vision; to offer a life experience that’s 100% unique, exciting and wonderful

A place where you can share not just your ideas but your life, your experiences and your dreams, in a location where new dreams can be formed and realized

Spacebility offers a humansized city in a phenomenal location, where the sun, wind, water and sand create a climate that’s practically perfect all year long. 

It’s a truly warm, welcoming place, where old ideas find new life and innovation springs eternal.

A Wonderful location, an Amazing, New Way of Life

Our Guests. Our Comrades. Our People. Our Purpose.

The beating heart and soul of Spacebility are our Spacers, the reason we exist.

Our idea of the perfect Spacer is someone who absolutely loves the outdoors and nature, gets into sports, embraces new technology and, above all, is willing to open up and share precious moments with other spacers, to create new relationships and experiences both personal and professional.

Dissemination by Collaboration is our Motto.

Living here at Spacebility affects you in a positive way.

By living together day-to-day, and sharing your life with others, you also share their world, their professional experiences and their triumphs.

New ways to collaborate are born, with the end result being a beautiful, sustainable, bright future for all.


For our Spacers, Exploring is a way of life, so we’ve created Spacebility as a place where exploration is part and parcel of the entire package. 

Explore wonderful, beautiful Sardinia, one of the most amazing places on the planet. Explore the Spacebility community, getting to know your neighbors better than you know even your best friends and family. 

Lastly, explore the possibilities Spacebility provides; working, living and creating with a group of like-minded people who share the same values of exploration, nature, entrepreneurship, new ideas and, of course, affordability


Here’s a fact; most entrepreneurs work alone, which makes it difficult to bounce their ideas off of others who might be able to give valuable feedback, opinions and advice.

Here in the Spacebility community, teamwork is a way of life! We work together, creating, dreaming and doing, with amazing results.

Being part of a team is what makes Spacebility so amazing, fun and exciting. Fact is, a great team can change the world.


Spacers know that learning is something that should happen every day of your life.

At Spacebility, we learn about many things, including the lives of our fellow residents, their experiences, their triumphs and, because it helps us learn, their failures too.

Learning about who we are, what we do, what we want to accomplish and what kind of dreams we have is an amazing way to acquire new knowledge, foment new ideas and create the products, services and new technologies that will power the world forward.

Everyday Lifestyle

Every day at Spacebility is an adventure, but everyday life is also something we focus on, because the best ideas come from minds that are at peace, happy, and open, as well as excited, joyful and serene.

We do our best to make living here as comfortable, laid-back and stress-free as possible. There’s much to see, and many things to do, that make everyday life more fun and enjoyable.

A wonderful climate, inviting town and relaxing beach are part of the package, making every day a new day to love your Spacebility life.


Sharing is the key to a solid, well-oiled, successful community.

Sharing new and interesting ideas.

Sharing different thoughts and feelings, whether happy, sad or even fearful.

Sharing delicious meals with people who enjoy them as much as you, and sharing good times with great friends.

Spacebility give you the opportunity to share many things, grow from that sharing, and become a better, stronger, kinder, more tolerant person because of it.